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Shandong Mr Rio DE engineering equipment co., LTD

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Shandong Mr Rio DE engineering equipment co., LTD

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Shandong Mr Rio DE engineering equipment co., LTD

       Shandong DE engineering equipment co., LTD., founded in the force2014Year is the national advanced concrete equipment laser leveling machine research and development production one of enterprise,Is located in jining city in shandong yanzhou area;Involved in concrete work、Ground level ground engineering、Construction engineering, and other areas of the equipment;Payrolls200People,Sales revenue5000Ten thousand yuan,Equipment capacity2One hundred million yuan,With total assets1.5Hundred million yuan。

       Company research and development production of walking type small floor machine,Pioneer four-wheel hydraulic laser leveling machine,Four-wheel remote laser leveling machine automatic control two rounds of laser leveling machine,Walking type finishing machine,1-2Tons of hydraulic roller,Heavy duty double plate machine and so on seven big series,Xianglong(China's well-known trademarks)Brand,Products are sold all over the region。

Concrete laminating machine

RS940Car type laser leveling machine

Two rounds of the high-end laser leveling machine(EV850-2TWhite)

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